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EPISODE 2 - 1/2 way through
SUMMARY - Akane makes a lunch for Ranma and when he refuses it, she offers it to Gosunkugi instead; Ranma then changes his mind (or rather wants to spare Gosunkugi the stomach pain) and snatches it out of her hands. Later on Ranma is standing on the roof of the school when his two friends come up and see him clutching onto the napkin that bundled up the lunch; it has his intials stitched into it. They ask him if he feels guilty for keeping it and he just changes the subject.
EXPLANATION - Ranma wanting to keep the lunch that his fiancee made for him and then keeping the napkin even though he ditched the actual lunch; he's a lover AND smart for properly disposing of the "food".

EPISODE 2 - end of episode
SUMMARY - Akane is discouraged by her cooking and Ranma notices her discontent. He passes by a book store and after much pacing around finally decides to buy her a cook book that she had previouslly been looking at. Then he goes back home to give it to her and tells her to keep trying.
EXPLANATION - Ranma already gives Akane his "constructive criticism" on her cooking, but this time he actually does decide to help her. Just something that you do for your lover, right? Akane sure seemed happy about it. Now all we can do is pray...

EPISODE 5 - 1/2 way through
SUMMARY - Ranma, Ryoga and Mousee get three packets of the instant cursed spring, but none of them know which one is the instant "Spring of Drowned-Man", so they're at a standstill deciding on whether or not to risk using them. Ranma is very discouraging about the whole thing, and Akane tries to comfort him:
"...and no matter what happens, I'll always be your..."
of course, she's interupted as usual.
EXPLANATION - "I'll always be your ______", 'fiancee' most likely. But then again, maybe it was 'lover,' or 'sex slave'. Like the Tootsie Pop commercial says, "The world may never know!"

EPISODE 9 - beginning of episode
SUMMARY - Ranma and Akane share a sunset together, looking out over Watermelon Beach:
Akane: "It's been so long since we've all been on a trip."
Ranma: "Yeah, you're right. It's really nice."
Then a deranged Kuno pops out of the ocean swinging his sword.
EXPLANATION - Just a classic moment between two crazy kids in love. Of course Ranma isn't saying that the trip with everyone is nice, but the fact that he's next to his soul mate. Awwwww.

EPISODE 11 - 1/2 way through
SUMMARY - Ranma is fighting Pantyhose Taro on top of a huge cliff, while Akane tries rushing in with the kettle of hot water. Somehow she ends up falling off the cliff and Ranma dives after her, along with a huge boulder on their tails. He smashes the boulder and Akane at the same time:
Ranma: "You're not hurt, are you?"
Akane: "Thanks to you I'm not."
EXPLANATION - A typical man-saving-his-woman act, one of many times for Ranma, but it never gets old. And this time, Akane's reaction is sort of more like "Wow, I mean... I knew you were awesome, but this time I got really turned on. You're such a hunk." Or least that's what she should be thinking this far along in their relationship.

EPISODE 13 - near end
SUMMARY - It's Christmas eve and all the girls are fighting about where Ranma is spending the night, insisting how he will be with them and not the others. Akane finally has enough of it and meets them all on the roof to set them straight:
Akane: "I'm sick and tired of listening to the three of you, do you understand me!?! Unfortunatlly for all of you, Ranma isn't going to spend Christmas eve with any of you!"
Shampoo: "Maybe you coming down with something Akane."
Akane: "I feel fine Shampoo. Ranma is, Ranma is... Ranma is going to spend Christmas even with me, you understand!"
EXPLANATION - Instead of just getting mad and walking away, Akane cuts the shit and makes it known that she will be with Ranma. This is probably the first time she's ever been straight forward with anyone about her feeling for Ranma, meaning that her love has become strong enough to transcend any prior embarrasment.

EPISODE 13 - end
SUMMARY - Akane is walking past the park at night on Christmas Eve wondering where Ranma is, when he calls to her from atop the jungle gym. He hops down and proceeds to dig into a bag and pull out several Christmas gifts for Akane, in particular, all the ones that she said she wanted at the beginning of the episode. She begins to cry because she's so happy:
Ranma: "Oh man... and I thought all this stuff would make you happy."
Teary-eyed, she smiles back at him and they walk home together.
EXPLANATION - An unexpected move by Ranma catches Akane totally off-guard and she gets the Christmas Eve that she had been fighting for all along. Not to mention the points Ranma scores by paying attention to what Akane said and then buying all those things for her. It's just getting more and more evident that he really wants to make her happy.

RATING - Ranges from to

Ranma tries to stop Gosunkugi from taking pictures of Akane and the commotion causes her to fall off the balance beam and sprain her ankle.

Afterwards she is bed ridden at Dr.Tofu's and everyone but Ranma goes to visit her, which makes her nervous and then mad at him. Little does she know that Ranma was sitting outside the whole time debating whether or not to go in:
Ranma: "She's gonna be mad, I just know it. I guess I better go and apologize."
Scenario 1 - the sincere approach

Akane: "Oh, Ranma!"
Ranma: "Hey, how's the leg doing Akane?"
Akane: "Well Dr.Tofu says it's not too bad..."
Ranma: "I'm so sorry, I..."
Akane: "It's ok Ranma, I was careless is all. It's no one's fault."
Ranma: "I'm glad you're not mad. I'm still sorry it happened."
Akane: "But Ranma, I'm wondering... how did it even happen in the first place?"
Ranma: "Oh well, ya know... that stupid Gosunkugi was sorta taking pictures and all, and I kinda, ya know..."
Akane starts blushing.
Ranma: "Uh, don't get me wrong, I know what ya think. I'm not jealous, I just..."
Akane: "You just...?"
Ranma: "I uh, it's just I..."
Akane: "It's just you...???"
Scenario 2 - the casual approach

Ranma: "Hiya! Gosh, you're looking good! Sorry about before."
Akane: "It's ok Ranma, I was careless is all. It's no one's fault."
Ranma: "Well hey, I'm just glad to see you weren't more seriouslly hurt."
Akane: "Thank you Ranma... your not-being-able-to let someone else take pictures, well it's practically the same as saying you're... well, that you love me!"
Ranma: "Huh...??"
Akane: "Just knowing you said that, well... it's practically worth breaking my leg for!"
Ranma: "Akane..."
Then he leans in and they almost ki...
...back to reality

Ranma: "Man, I'm doomed either way! No matter what I say, it's gonna look like I..."
Then he is startled by Dr.Tofu and jumps out of the tree.

Akane's classmates come to visit her and assure her Ranma will come soon enough. Once they leave, he drops down from hiding in the ceiling and gets ready to knock on the door. But he can't do it and just leaves a bouquet of flowers in front of her door and walks away.

Kasumi asks Ranma to bring some clothes to Akane during the night and he sneaks into the room through the window. They talk nervously for a moment and then he starts to walk over to her and she remembers that she had written bad things about him on her cast:
Akane: "Uh, stay where you are, don't come any closer!"
Ranma: "I see, so that's how it's gonna be, huh? Well excuuuussse me! Next time Gosunkugi starts taking his pervy little pictures of stupid, clumsy little you I'll let him, how's that?!"
Akane: "You jerk! Just leave will you!?"
Ranma: "You don't gotta tell me twice, thanks for nothing!"
Another moment ruined, and Ranma flees out the window.

Akane is looking through Dr.Tofu's picture album when she finds a little collection of Kasumi pictures stashed away in it. He gets really embarrassed and asks her to please not tell her sister about it, and he stumbles away. Then Akane stops giggling and thinks to herself, "pictures of... the one you love."

Akane calls home and tells Ranma that she'll be coming home a day early, and then quickly hangs up the phone on him. After he hangs up, he goes upstairs and stays up all night into the morning making some sort of banner.

Akane is getting ready to leave Dr.Tofu's by herself, when she sees Ranma waiting for her outside with banner behind him saying "I messed up. Sorry, Akane."
Akane: "Ranma! Did you do that?!"
Ranma: "Uh huh, I've also got..."
He reaches into his shirt and pulls out one of the photos that Gosunkugi had taken of her.
Akane: "Hey! That's when..."
Ranma: "Came out pretty good, huh?
Akane: "Oh wow, so you had it all this time?"
Ranma: "Well... well, yeah... but not cause I..."
And just when you think they finally get their moment, everyone from the party the night before is standing behind them all pissed off, and of course Ranma and Akane have to run away together.

EXPLANATION - The whole episode is love oriented.

EPISODE 19 - 1/2 way through
SUMMARY - Ranma ruined Ukyo's special sauce that had been aging for 10 years, she believes she's a failure as a chef and takes up residence in the Tendo dojo until she gets out of her depressive rut. To make up for it, Ranma makes himself eat the sauce and Ukyo thinks he's doing it to hold up a promise he made to her when they were kids, "If the sauce turns out good, then you'll take care of me (Ukyo) for the rest of my life." Ranma tries to tell her he messed up the sauce, but she doesn't believe him and Nabiki comes up with an idea to fix the situation. She jumps up and exclaims "Ranma and Akane are already married!" Everyone is shocked, but the two go along with it anyways and start hamming it up with one another.
One of their "performances" is at school when Akane brings Ranma his lunch, and this time it's extra funny because they're still playing up the marriage thing.
Ranma: "I'm so happy you brought my lunch!"
Akane: "Made it just for you!"
He eats one piece and pushes the rest away.
Ranma: "Your love alone has filled me up..."
Akane: "Why, thank you..."
EXPLANATION - It's more comedic than anything, but the fact of the matter is that the two go along with the idea of being married quite easily. Their pretending looks almost real too, so maybe it's like they're getting ready for the real thing??

EPISODE 20 - 1/2 way through
SUMMARY - Ranma and Akane are still acting up the whole marriage thing for Ukyo, and they sleep in the same room to further discourage her.
Ranma: "Oh honey, don't you think it's time we turn in?"
Akane: "Why yes, of course dear!"
They sit awake not talking to each other for awhile and then decide to just go to sleep, but Ranma is too nervous to sleep. During the middle of the night he gets up and leans over Akane's bed, apparently pissed off cause she is able to sleep while he's kept awake by the whole situation. And then she reaches out and grabs his head into her chest, dreaming that it's P-Chan, and Ranma finds himself in a compromising position. He manages to slink out of her arms and escapes what could have been a big problem (ie. Akane beating the shit out of him).
EXPLANATION - It's awkard for Ranma to be sleeping in the same room as Akane, because he's so in love with her... and then he's so mezmorized by the sleeping beauty that he goes and stares at her while she's sleeping. Seriouslly, I'm telling you he IS in love with her.

EPISODE 20 - 3/4 way through
SUMMARY - Ranma's trying to figure out how to get Ukyo off his back and Akane tells him just act like he does around her. Ranma imagines himself calling Akane and uncute tomboy:
Ranma: "Hold on a minute, have I been hurting your feelings? Are you saying you don't like me at all?"
She starts blushing and turns away
Akane: "Uh.. don't be silly, I was just using it as an example. I'm fine, really..."
Ranma: "Hmm, I thought so... after all, a dimwit girl like you..."
Akane: "Now fo act that way around UKYO!"
EXPLANATION - For a second Ranma almost cares about Akane, but THANK GOD he comes back to his senses and calls her a dog... phew! I almost thought we would have a romantic moment on our hands...